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“Since we keep it (19’ 10’’ Tahoe 196 WT OB) in the garage, it was very difficult to manually push the boat in or out the last 4 feet because of the weight and dual axles on the trailer. Same was true trying to get the boat out to hook up to the truck. It was not possible to use the tow vehicle since the boat needs to go into the garage at an angle to fit properly and get the garage door to close. Now, I can simply walk beside the boat as I use the EZ Tug to move the rig out to the truck or even just into the driveway to wash or do simple maintenance on the boat. (The EZ Tug is) easy to install and operate and simple in design and concept.”
Mark Walther ( Melbourne, Florida)

“I have to park my boat (21ft. Sun Tracker Fishing Barge) alongside a 36-foot long motor home in our side yard.  Prior to EZ Tug, it was forward and backward a lot.  Now, I back up close to the gate opening, unhook the boat and guide the boat into its parking spot in one try. I love my EZ Tug and am very glad I bought it. It also cut down the arguments with my wife, who tried to guide me in backing the boat up with my truck.”
Joseph D. Cicinelli ( Bend, Oregon)

“It is so much easier now to hook the boat up to the tow vehicle to go fishing. Before I purchased the EZ Tug, I had to pull the boat (1,800 lb, 17.5 ft Sylvan fishing boat) out of the garage by hand because the garage is narrow, down the driveway to get it past the cement stairs just to hook it up—a total of 75 feet! There were numerous times that I was all ready to go fishing but didn't go because I didn't want to drag the boat out. Truly a great product; well worth it. After all, how much is your back worth?
Ron Jonker ( Saginaw, Michigan)

“My side boat pad only has about six inches clearance on each side because of the fence and a heat pump, so backing up with my truck is out of the question. With the EZ Tug, I can unhitch the boat (18ft. North River Jet) in the street and back it up with ease into the tight spot I have for my boat. It is absolutely a back saver and works great.”
John Foht ( Brookings, Oregon)

“I have to move my boat (18 ft. Sportsman Fishing Boat) up a slight incline that is too steep for two people to handle. The EZ Tug has made it easier to move the trailer and boat up this incline. You can steer the boat at any angle, and it has a good locking wheel if you are concerned about your boat rolling on you. Now, we don’t have to worry about losing control or the boat falling down on us. At first, I was apprehensive about the cost, but the EZ Tug solved my problem. The product is well worth the price. I don’t think I could get better results than using the EZ Tug.
Bruce Blanton ( Sacramento, California)