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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the EZ Tug have enough power to move my trailer?

The EZ Tug moves trailers not exceeding 3,000 lbs, including the weight of the EZ Tug and its battery, on hard, level surfaces. Any deviation of the grade or surface hardness will reduce the moving capacity of the EZ Tug. The EZ Tug will not move a 3,000 pound trailer up a grade. If the EZ Tug is expected to move a trailer up any grade, then the weight capacity needs to be reduced proportional to the percentage of the grade and the surface being traversed.

Does the EZ Tug work on inclines?

The weight of the trailer must be less if expected to move up any incline. (See safety information on EZ Tug relating to moving trailers on grades) Moving an object on a 6% incline will effectively DOUBLE it's weight. That means a 3,000 lb trailer will effectively weigh 6,000 lbs. on a 6% incline. EZ Tug is rate for a maximum load of 3,000 lbs.

How do I calculate an incline?

Divide the height by the length. Example:

What is the maximum tongue weight that the EZ Tug can handle?

The maximum weight that the EZ Tug tire can handle is 352 lbs. when inflated to the recommended 50 psi.

How do I know if the EZ Tug will work on my trailer?

The EZ Tug works well on most trailers not requiring electric brakes. The EZ Tug is designed for most light duty trailers such as boat trailers, utility trailers, snowmobile trailers, pop up campers, etc.

Will the EZ Tug fit my trailer tongue?

The EZ Tug clamps on to most trailer tongues not exceeding 5”. Packaged with the EZ Tug are four clamps and four bolts with nuts and lock washers. Different length bolts may have to be acquired to facilitate your particular installation. Also, note that the EZ Tug can be installed on a 2 ½” snap ring mounting, if this detail is already installed on your trailer.

Does the EZ Tug work on all surfaces?

The EZ Tug performs best on hard surfaces, although it is designed with an aggressive tread tire, which enhances traction on dry grass or packed gravel surfaces. The EZ Tug has limited traction on wet grass or loose gravel for obvious reasons.

Can I launch my boat with the EZ Tug?

The EZ Tug carries this Warning. “Do Not use EZ Tug on inclines exceeding that which the operator can control the trailer without EZ Tug attached.” Given this warning and a potentially slippery down grade surface, launching a boat with EZ Tug is not recommended.

Can the EZ Tug be submersed in water?

The EZ Tug is designed so, if installed properly on the trailer, it will be high and above the water line when launching a boat. The EZ Tug is not designed to be submersed in water but is designed to offer water spray and element protection.

At what speed does the EZ Tug move trailers?

The EZ Tug moves all trailers less than 3,000 lbs. on level surfaces—forward or reverse—at a constant speed of 37 feet per minute.

How can I get more traction with my EZ Tug?

The further rearward the EZ Tug is installed on the trailer tongue, the more weight will be on the EZ Tug tire, offering more traction.

Where can I purchase a U1 size battery for my EZ Tug?

Most stores that sell batteries sell U1 size batteries.